TerraCycle® BlisterBack

Communication Guidelines

Helping you promote your recycling efforts for empty medicine blister packs


Thank you for choosing TerraCycle® BlisterBack to help your business meet its sustainability goals! We are looking forward to working with you and have put together this guide to help you promote your recycling efforts. 


TerraCycle® BlisterBack is our one-stop platform entirely dedicated to collecting and recycling empty medicine blister packs in the UK.

Customers who, like you, have purchased an Empty Medicine Blister Packs - Zero Waste Box™, are able to add their location on an interactive map, making it easier for your community to find your public drop-off point and bring their empty blister packs for recycling.

Laptop with TerraCycle VlisterBack map

The interactive map pinpoints your location, alongside key information including your address, opening times, or instructions for access. 

Due to the nature of the waste stream collected, we need to ensure that the following conditions are met: 

  • your location is not accessible to the public 24/7 (unless supervised) and have set opening hours 
  • the box is not accessible to the public outside opening hours 
  • the box is placed inside your premises and can be regularly in control of a member of staff to make sure it is properly used and accessed by members of the public

By setting up a public drop-off point and adding it to our interactive map, you become a vital link in the recycling chain, connecting members of your community with TerraCycle® BlisterBack services to allow more waste to be collected and recycled.

If you haven’t signed up to make your location visible on the map, you can do so by completing this registration form.


Here are a few approved examples you can use as a guide for marketing communications when talking about your recycling efforts, excluding on goods packaging:

  • We are recycling empty medicine blister packs through TerraCycle® BlisterBack.
  • Our company participates in TerraCycle® BlisterBack to recycle empty medicine blister packs which would otherwise be destined for incineration or landfill.
  • Once your empty medicine blister packs are returned to us, they’re disposed of in our Zero Waste Box™ then shipped to TerraCycle® for recycling. 

Blister packs are typically made from a mix of plastic and aluminium materials. Aluminium is smelted and formed for use in secondary metals manufacturing. Clean plastics are sorted by material type and then mixed with other plastics to make recycled plastic blends.

However you must not say:

  • Our company has partnered with TerraCycle® to recycle empty medicine blister packs

The term ‘partner’ is reserved for companies who have either contractually signed a partnership or launched a national recycling programme with us.

If you would like to discuss how to set up a partnership with TerraCycle®, please email contact@terracycleblisterback.co.uk


Naturally, you’ll want to spread the word about your work towards a more sustainable future, with TerraCycle® BlisterBack. Here are a few effective channels you may want to utilise: 

• Communicate on your website and social media platforms. 

• Inform your customers and suppliers in your newsletters. 

• Educate staff internally about the importance of recycling. We also encourage you to use the following approved statement wherever you need to promote your initiative, which you can adapt to fit your company: 

<< Insert BRAND name here >> is thrilled to offer an innovative recycling solution for empty medicine blister packs. Simply place your empty medicine blister packs in our Zero Waste Box™ located at/in <>. These will then be sent to TerraCycle® for recycling. Instead of being landfilled or incinerated, the contents of the box will be sorted and turned into raw materials that can be reused.


  • Please do not use the TerraCycle® logo - this is reserved for our contracted brand partners.
  • Please do not use either the TerraCycle® or the Zero Waste Box™ logo on any of your packaging or marketing communications.
  • Please do not claim that your business has ‘partnered’ with TerraCycle®

Please make sure to adhere to the following when communicating about Zero Waste Box™, BlisterBack or TerraCycle® on any marketing material:

  • Use ‘™’ after Zero Waste Box™.
  • Use a registered trademark after TerraCycle®.
  • The "C" in TerraCycle® must be capitalised.
  • URLs (links) should all be lowercase.


Please visit our FAQ page for commonly asked questions and answers. Alternatively our Customer Care team is here to help you should you have any questions.